What drives inspiration? Is it necessity, divinity, boredom, fear, pagan muses, apples from above, desperation or some other indefinable force? And really, if no one died or lost an eye, what does it matter? When the result is 100 Mill St Gin, inspiration becomes exalted and repeatable, but never, ever taken for granted.

In order to properly curate their gin selections, a large retailer tapped the expertise of 100 Mill St creator, Peter Connor. Being the gin maven he is and knowing the gin was also free, “Yes” was the only logical answer. During this process an epiphany revealed itself. Peter realized that gin was taking on a new and refreshing turn from its recent past to become more in line with its ancient past. The history of gin is extensive, impassioned, checkered and far too deep to dig into here. Rest assured, Peter knows this history, which propelled him to make a gin that moved gracefully forward by going backward to smooth.

Peter knew a great gin begins with a great foundation. The base carries forward no matter what botanicals are added. We open with the decidedly soft and gentle notes of maple sap. (The fact that he owns 18,000 acres of hard maple timber in Northern Wisconsin helped the cause.) Being a avid, although amateur, culinary enthusiast, Peter chose 14 botanicals, led by Juniper, for their collective ability to refine, enhance and enrich the gin. This morphs into a deep-seated flavor that comes across bright yet rich, and most of all smooth, smooth, and smooth. We are not an overly flowered or peppered gin. We do not masquerade behind a heavy veil of elements to hide shortcomings of our true spirit. 100 Mill St was inspired in part by the desire to not be the same – the shelves have more than enough same-as choices.

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